Monotonix Farewell Tour Video

24 May

A couple months ago I was lucky enough to be at the Echoplex for what would be one of Monotonix‘s final shows. They announced toward the end of their set that this would be their final tour, that they had newborn babies and wives and could no longer spend so much time on the road. Though they didn’t say it, I also had the feeling that, physically, they could not keep it up much longer; these guys are in their thirties and forties and were punishing their bodies night after night with some of the most intense shows I’ve ever seen. While the audience was disappointed at the announcement, it was profoundly touching to see how supportive they were, how close they felt to the band not as musicians but as people. After the show their was a long line to hug the sweat-soaked drummer and congratulate him on having just had a son. Thankfully, a camera crew was present that night to film a little bit of the chaos that is a Monotonix show and I feel very grateful to have some sort of record that I was there and part of it. A couple weeks ago, they released the live video for one of the songs, which I’ve posted below. What you see in the video is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of energy and live antics, but it’s probably the best tribute we’ll have to the best live band I’ve ever seen. – Dominick


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