The Dismemberment Plan’s “The Other Side”

10 May

I know that I’m… let’s see… about ten years too late to be gushing about The Dismemberment Plan, but I don’t really care. I’ve listened to 2001’s Change more than any other album in the last six months and this song has, without exception, been its highlight. It’s absolutely relentless. Travis Morrison’s dystopic vocals ride Joe Easley’s incredible drum beat with a dangerous, manic intensity. Eric Axelson’s pulsing, descending bass line is the feeling of free fall stuck on loop. Jason Caddell’s guitar seems always on the verge of feedback, always threatening to push the song into the chaos it pleads for. Conceptually, it’s tight as a song can be; it’s a thrilling, almost terrifying experience. And one that I now consider essential listening. – Dominick



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