Recording With Kazai Rex!

14 Mar

So I decided to join the rest of the gang while they’re recording background vocals for the upcoming album. And hey, why not blog about it.

This is Long Legs!

This is Long Legs! Danny points up a lot when he sings this song. Also, I got to helm the computer and help the gang record group vocals for the bridge! Yes, it was fun, and it sounds pretty great. This picture is all I can show, though, for now.

And then, it was time to work on Feed the Hungry. This is Austin! He plays ukulele alllll over the Feed the Hungry track, he showed off some of what he plays on video.

More videos after the jump…

Denim and Leather came up next.  Austin and Danny had some fun with this one. We think it’ll be a real hit on the record.

And lastly, Danny and I cut together some of the bg vocal takes for Timmy. The video is a snippet of the chorus! Also, the video is perhaps most honest part of this blog post.

Do we have an album title yet? Nope! But hopefully this post gives you an idea of what we been up to. Clearly, you can see we are hard at work cranking out the tunes.

Until next time!


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