Emperor X’s “Go Captain…”

19 Jan

Emperor X is the stage name of Los Angeles musician Chad Matheny. He’s also a friend of Kazai Rex and can be heard singing on parts one and two of “This is the House” on Juggling Snakes. A few months back, Danny and I went out to Pehrspace to catch him live with Moses Campbell and The Finches. It was an incredible show and, for me, its highest moment came during this song, “Go Captain and Pinlighter.” His glasses long since cast aside and sweat dripping down his face, Matheny sang into a microphone suspended from a line of duct tape, several of his biggest fans down on their knees around his feet, the whole room lit by a distant lamp whose light shifted along with the reverent audience. I recently obtained the song (from the album The Blythe Archives Vol. 2, which you can find at his website, http://www.emperorx.net) and I’ve been playing it non-stop. I don’t know why, but every time I hear it, I feel like my heart is breaking. But still I can’t stop. That’s about as much as I can endorse anything. – Dominick

Emperor X – Go Captain and Pinlighter [mp3]


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