Jack White Builds a Guitar

2 Dec

Not that I expected much in the first place, but It Might Get Loud (the film in which Jimmy Page, The Edge, and Jack White sit down together, jam, and talk about guitar) is among the worst documentaries I’ve ever seen. Not only did it not get loud, but it seems the only thing the three “legendary” guitarists could think to do was to, in unison, strum the open chords of their most popular songs. And, because Page, The Edge, and White obviously produced so little of interest during their meeting, most of the film gets devoted to shallow glances at the three guitarists’ “back stories” (which are utterly insipid, mind-blowingly self-indulgent, and predictably awesome, respectively). The film wasn’t a total failure, though; it was, at least, home to this glorious opening scene:


Honestly, without Jack White this film would have been a total trainwreck disaster-splosion. White mocking The Edge’s techincal wankery right to his unwitting face almost saved the whole thing. That, and receiving confirmation I’ve been right about The Edge all along. He is awful. – Dominick


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