The Velvet Teen’s “No Star”

14 Oct

Everyone, please welcome back The Velvet Teen:

The Velvet Teen - No Star EP

Judah Nagler and Co. are back and I can’t be more excited.  They just released “No Star” through SoundCloud last week, with the EP of the same name coming out October 22 November 11. This is the first new set of studio recordings from the band since 2006’s Cum Laude (Paper Stereo era CD review here), and this teaser track is fantastic.

What’s new? Judah has seemingly done away with the vocal distortion that was so prevalent on Cum Laude. New 4th Member Matthew Izen and his many talents are a welcome addition to the song/group. Casey Deitz’ drumming seems just a tad more structured that when we last heard him (but still just as frantic and powerful). Lastly, that instrumental ending mixed in with a time signature change hasn’t really been in The Velvet Teen’s repertoire. But it’s a welcome change and really just a fantastic ending.

“No Star” rocks out with the best of their discography, and it’s a great teaser to the upcoming EP. Oh, and where are The Velvet Teen touring right now? Japan. Jealoussss.


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