Dominick’s Live Five: October 2010

30 Sep

Some great shows coming up this month. (Monotonix is back! Prepare to have the best time of your life while being covered in beer and pube sweat!). Though I can’t help but notice that again some of these bands are playing venues that are significantly beyond their ability to fill. Deer Tick at El Rey? These are strange times. Of course, catching Kazai Rex at the Silverlake Lounge (10/6) and The Flashcards at St. Bernadine’s Fall Festival (10/10) are recommended above all else, but hey, I won’t be greedy. Here they are, your live five for October. – Dominick

10/7 – Mountain Man @ Amoeba Music

10/9 – Monotonix @ Spaceland

10/14 – Shad @ El Rey Theatre

10/19 – Deer Tick @ El Rey Theatre

10/26 – Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros @ The Grove, Anaheim


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