LA Font

20 Jul

So anyone who’s been to a Kazai Rex show lately is probably familiar with our good friends LA Font; they’ve joined us onstage at the Airliner, Spaceland, and Synchronicity Space, and will be joining us, The Body Parts, and Rabbits Running at Echo Curio on August 21st for what will be a show so awesome that a word to appropriately describe it has not yet been invented. Anyway, imagine if Stephen Malkmus were from middle America and were a bit more of an asshole, and you’d get something like LA Font. And I mean that in the best possible way.

The reason I bring them up now is this: they’ve just recently finished their eleven-track debut album and, presumably, it’ll be coming out soon (you can (and should) listen to the excellent track “Fine Lines” on their Myspace). This is an album you’re going to want to have the day it comes out. You’re going to want to be on the ground floor. Because I am convinced this band is going places. To me, there are two kinds of bands you listen to: bands you like and bands you believe in. I like hundreds of bands, maybe even up to a thousand. I believe in, oh, maybe forty or fifty. And none of them so young, so undiscovered, so local, so full of potential as this one. It’s fucking exciting, being present at this stage in their career, and I want to be able to share that. I’m an LA Font evangelist; lock your doors and unplug your phones.


Also, they now have shirts for sale, which you can also find on their Myspace. I have one. It’s awesome. Here’s a ridiculous picture of me wearing it in a small cave:

More, equally giddy updates on the album and on the music videos they’re currently working on will be posted as they come.


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