Spoon’s “Anything You Want”

17 May

Though I’ve liked Spoon for a long time and loved them since the release of Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga, for some reason I never managed to obtain the band’s landmark 2001 album, Girls Can Tell, until a few months ago. Of course, anyone who owns the album could have told me that it was a mistake for me to wait that long, to which I would now readily agree. And, though the whole thing is an excellent, consistent reinvention of the rock and roll ethos, my main reason for agreeing would be the song “Anything You Want.”

It’s perfect. The lazy pocket groove, the sly interchange between verse instruments, the almost eerie marimba that sneaks in after the first chorus: all these things demonstrate the attention to detail and subtletly that makes Spoon such a consistently rewarding listen. But the best part of the song is Britt Daniel’s delivery, his cool resignation almost betraying the poignancy of lost-love ruminations like the biting “Imagination ain’t kind on us tonight.” And when that second chorus comes in, already expanding on the first, and ends in an uncharacteristic rush of words, the sort of desperation that leaks out is disarming. The song is 2:17 long and now one of my favorite songs ever.

Spoon – Anything You Want [mp3]


– Dominick


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