Podcast: Dominick’s Hip-Hoptimistic

23 Apr

If you’re like me, you get sick of mainstream hip-hop very quickly. I mean, like, we get it, Jay-Z, you’re filthy rich and dating Beyonce. I’m still waiting for a rep from Universal to come out and admit that Lil Wayne’s career is just a long-running, well-written joke. And does it not bother anyone that 50 Cent can’t even rap? (I think Doseone said it rather well when he likened the styles of Lil Wayne and 50 Cent to “two grandmas kissing.”) At any rate, that’s why I made this podcast. This is rap that gets me inspired, that reminds me that hip-hop can be intelligent, constructive, powerful, ambitious, poetic, and responsible. This is 48 minutes of rap that helped make me a believer.

I mean, check some of this stuff out. Invicible’s guest spot on Finale’s “Waiting Game” is like good boxing, deadly but gorgeous, not to mention proof that a white woman can rap circles around your average black male rapper. GZA’s “Paper Plate” is a chorus-less series of verses over a skeletal beat that’s so relentless it’s a struggle to keep up, which is pretty much par for the course when you’re talking about GZA, who’s been rapping since the seventies and is still white hot. The last minute of Edan’s “Making Planets” puts the whole rest of the track in perspective, like a story-ending Joycean epiphany. “That’s That” witnesses DOOM cramming so many rhymes into one song that it’ll make your head spin. “Rapping4Money” will make you wish Yoni Wolf still rapped and remind you why Doseone should never stop. Black Milk’s “Losing Out” attests to the magic that can happen when a producer pays real attention to detail; check out the way he cuts out the percussion in the third verse, raps “boom-bap-boom,” and drops a low 808 hit under the third syllable.

I could go on like this for days, obviously. But I won’t, because you should listen for yourself. As always, if you dig something you hear, go out and buy the album. These folks aren’t rapping for the money (and accordingly don’t make much), they’re rapping because they love it and because they believe in it.

Dominick’s Hip-Hop Podcast

Featuring GZA/Genius, Clipse, Finale, Themselves, Busdriver, Edan, Aesop Rock, DOOM, Black Milk, and Invincible.

>>Right-click, save-as to download in mp3 format.

Details after the jump…

1. [0:00-0:26] GZA/Genius – Interlude
from Pro Tools (2008)
2. [0:26-4:24] Clipse – Momma I’m So Sorry
from Hell Hath No Fury (2006)
3. [4:24-8:13] Finale – The Waiting Game [Ft. Invincible]
from A Pipe Dream and a Promise (2009)
4. [8:13-11:02] GZA/Genius – Paper Plate
from Pro Tools (2008)
5. [11:02-14:06] Themselves – Long Time Coming [Ft. Lionesque]
from The Free Houdini Mixtape (2009)
6. [14:06-18:07] Busdriver – Unemployed Black Astronaut
from Fear of a Black Tangent (2005)
7. [18:07-21:02] Edan – Making Planets [Ft. Mr. Lif]
from Beauty and the Beat (2005)
8. [21:02-25:07] Aesop Rock – None Shall Pass
from None Shall Pass (2007)
9. [25:07-27:25] DOOM – That’s That
from Born Like This (2009)
10. [27:25-30:57] Themselves – Rapping4Money [Ft. WHY? And cLOUDDEAD]
from The Free Houdini Mixtape (2009)
11. [30:57-35:51] Black Milk – Losing Out [Ft. Royce Da 5’9”]
from Tronic (2008)
12. [35:51-37:22] Finale – Issues [Ft. Prince Whippa Whip] [Excerpt]
from A Pipe Dream and a Promise (2009)
13. [37:22-40:13] Invincible – Sledgehammer
from Shapeshifters (2008)
14. [40:13-43:53] DJ Muggs vs. GZA/Genius – General Principles
from Grandmasters (2005)
15. [43:53-48:13] Finale – Heat
from A Pipe Dream and a Promise (2009)


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