The Cave Singers

12 Mar

Last night I went to see the Echo to see The Dutchess and The Duke open for The Cave Singers, both of whom are from Seattle. And, while the former didn’t quite live up to the excellence of their album, She’s the Dutchess and He’s the Duke, The Cave Singers, who I’d never heard before, pretty much blew my mind. It was one of the tightest, most vibrant live sets I’ve heard in a while. And, given the state of the venue (AC blasting despite the fact that it was 50 degrees outside, room-shaking bursts of bass coming from the Echoplex below, some drunk asshole cruising the room who thought it was mind-bendingly funny to relentlessly, loudly apologize for being relentlessly loud), it says a lot that they were able to make an impression. Pete Quirk’s voice just tears it up live, and in more ways that one (the second way being that his voice naturally sounds like something being torn to shreds; that is, his vocal cords, if we’re being specific).

The band as a whole reminds me of a gritty version of The Tallest Man on Earth, or the Fleet Foxes‘ scruffy, less pretentious, weird older brother. The music’s rooted mostly in folk, with a little country, blues, and early rock thrown in there along with a whole lot of spirit. Earlier today I checked out their most recent album, Welcome Joy (out last year on Matador), and it’s pretty great; maybe not up to the ceiling-high standard of their live show, but very worth owning.

Right-click, save as to download:
The Cave Singers – Leap [mp3]

– Dominick


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