Non Projects / Asura

6 Feb

Non Projects is a local record label that was started last year by our friend Brian Simon. They’ve been doing pretty well so far, their lineup so far consisting of our good friends and endless sources of inspiration Ryan York (aka Asura), Ana Caravelle, Nicholas Morera, and Simon’s own project, Anenon. Their music is revelatory, their shows endless fun. Their mission statement follows:

Non Projects is a record label dedicated to the support and discovery of Los Angeles’ most innovative artists and composers. Mislaid within an ever-changing and confused recording landscape, Non Projects offers imaginative works of art and sound. With the aim to showcase each artist’s devotion to their love of music and the joy of uncovering hidden and undiscovered sounds and resonances, each release is available with supplemental materials providing a commonly forgotten tangible experience no longer associated with acquiring music.

If you head over to their website you can check out a selection of excellent tracks, read about a selection of their inspirations, and singing up for their mailing list. But, perhaps most importantly, you can obtain a copy of the inaugural Non Projects release, Asura’s self-titled debut:

I’ve had the album for almost a month and can’t recommend it more. To call it electronic music would be to sell it short; it’s a genre-bending work that demands repeated listens to fully absorb. It’s experimental without being alienating, gorgeous without being sugarcoated, minimal without feeling empty. I think what I respect most about this album is the restraint York shows throughout; though beautiful and affecting moments abound, the music is, overall, meticulous and understated; in my opinion, these traits are both hallmarks of artistic maturity, hallmarks that are rare and almost startling in a debut work. Buy it, buy it, buy it.

Right-click, save-as to download:
Asura – Manzanita [mp3]

– Dominick


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