June 2009 Podcast – John

1 Jun

Featuring Medeski, Martin & Wood, Audrye Sessions, Josh Ritter, Beirut, The Thermals, Cougar, Ben Folds, Beulah, The Stills, Jackie Greene, The Littlest Man Band, and Tally Hall.

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[0:00-5:43] Medeski, Martin & Wood – Bemsha Swing/Lively Up Yourself
        from Last Chance to Dance Trance (1999)
[5:43-9:31] Audrye Sessions – Julianna
        from Audrye Sessions (2009)
[9:31-13:55] Josh Ritter – Girl in the War
        from The Animal Years (2006)
[13:55-17:05] Beirut – My Night with the Prostitute from Marseille
        from Realpeople Holland (2009)
[17:05-20:08] The Thermals – When I Was Afraid
        from Now We Can See (2009)
[20:08-21:30] Cougar – Daunte v. Armada
        from Patriot (2009)
[21:30-24:14] Ben Folds – The Secret Life of Margan Davis
        from Rockin’ the Suburbs EP (2001)
[24:14-28:28] Beulah – Night is the Day Turned Inside Out
        from The Coast is Never Clear (2001)
[28:28-32:17] The Stills – Everything I Build
        from Oceans Will Rise (2008)
[32:17-37:26] Jackie Greene – The Ballad of Sleepy John
        from Gone Wanderin’ (2002)
[37:26-43:20] The Littlest Man Band – Always Sayin’
        from Better Book Ends (2004)
[43:20-45:12] Tally Hall – Hidden in the Sand
        from Marvin’s Marvelous Mechanical Museum (2006)


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