December 2008 Podcast – Danny

1 Dec

Featuring The Cribs, Talking Heads, Dr. John, Supergrass, Sam Cooke, Mondo Diao, Alan Price Set, Elvis Costello, Oliver Morgan, The Beach Boys, Antonio Carlos Jobim, and Spoon.

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[0:00-3:06] The Cribs – I’m a Realist
        from Men’s Needs, Women’s Needs, Whatever (2007)
[3:06-6:08] Talking Heads – Don’t Worry About the Government
        from Talking Heads 77 (1987)
[6:08-13:48] Dr. John – I Walk on Guilded Splinters
        from Gris-Gris (2005)
[13:48-15:52] Supergrass – We’re Not Supposed To
        from I Should Coco (1995)
[15:52-18:31] Sam Cooke – Cupid
        from Cupid (1961)
[18:31-23:34] Mondo Diao – To China with Love
        from Bring ‘em In (2004)
[23:34-26:28] Alan Price Set – Who Cares
        from Who Cares (1967)
[26:28-29:35] Elvis Costello – Radio Radio
        from My Aim is True (2007)
[29:35-32:29] Oliver Morgan – Who Shot the La La
        from Who Shot the La La (2008)
[32:29-34:55] Beach Boys – The Times They Are A-Changin’
        from Beach Boys’ Party (1990)
[34:55-39:10] Antonio Carlos Jobim – Corcovado
        from Elis & Tom (1998)
[39:10-43:18] Spoon – Everything Hits at Once
        from Girls Can Tell EP (2001)


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