November 2008 Podcast – John

1 Nov

Featuring Mystery Jets, The Benevento/Russo Duo, Eagles of Death Metal, I’m From Barcelona, Deerhunter, The Stills, The Depreciation Guild, Evil Wezil, Ben Folds, Ozma, Secret Mommy, The Velvet Teen, and Fu Manchu.

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More info after the break.

[0:00-3:35] Mystery Jets – Hideaway
        from Twenty One (2008)
[3:35-7:18] The Benevento/Russo Duo – Echo Park
        from Play Pause Stop (2006)
[7:18-10:57] Eagles of Death Metal – (I Used to Couldn’t Dance) Tight Pants
        from Heart On (2008)
[10:57-13:38] I’m from Barcelona – Houdini
        from Who Killed Harry Houdini? (2008)
[13:38-19:32] Deerhunter – Nothing Ever Happened
        from Microcastle (2008)
[19:32-22:41] The Stills – Eastern Europe
        from Oceans Will Rise (2008)
[22:41-27:07] The Depreciation Guild – In Her Gentle Jaws
        from In Her Gentle Jaws (2007)
[27:07-32:27] Evil Wezil – Nom-Nom Your Dreams
        from Evil Wezil (2008)
[32:27-35:37] Ben Folds – Bitch Went Nuts
        from Way To Normal (2008)
[35:57-40:33] Ozma – The Business of Getting Down (Flight of the Bootymaestro)
        from The Double Donkey Disc (2002)
[40:33-45:27] Secret Mommy – Dance Studio
        from Very Rec (2005)
[45:27-50:01] The Velvet Teen – Stay With Me
        from Immortality EP (2001)
[50:01-54:09] Fu Manchu – King of the Road
        from King of the Road (1999)


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